2 monks sentenced upto 3 years in Chamdo

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A Chinese court in Tibet’s Jomda County in Chamdo has sentenced two Tibetan monks up to 3 years in prison, a Tibetan right group based here said.

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy said it received information about the two monks of Jophu monastery, Tulku Jangchub and Pesang, having been sentenced in March 2011 to three years and two and half years respectively.

In December 2009, Tibetan monks of Jophu monastery and local Tibetan civilians protested the Chinese government’s forced encroachment of the monastery’s land. The Chinese police (Public Security Bureau) arrested Tulku Jangchub in December 2009 and Pesang in January 2010.

The two have been held at the Jomda County detention centre since their arrest. Tulku Jangchub is aged around 25 and Pesang’s age is not known.

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