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Dalai Lama has always loved to introduce and present himself as a ‘humble monk’. To those who are not blessed to respect, or even appreciate humility as a human virtue, this statement might present this Tibetan monk statesman as a ‘weak’ or a ‘timid’ person who is always available for shaking and shoving.

Ironically this has been more true with the Chinese Communist leadership who have been dealing with Dalai Lama since he was the teenager ruler of the country that eventually became their colony. As history has proved in due course, China would have gained far more had its leaders understood this man better and accepted him at his face value.

Instead of writing a thesis to prove this point I would rather prefer only to wonder why the rulers of a country that is armed with one of the most powerful armies of the modern world, enormous economic resources and 1.3 billion people should present themselves so miserably irritated in front of a stateless man who leads a microscopic bunch of 150,000 poor refugees? The worst irony of the situation is that they go into comical fits even when this ‘humble monk’ decides to give up all those limited powers that he has been drawing as the leader of these handful people.

On his latest proposal for discontinuation of the traditional selection process of Dalai Lama through reincarnation Beijing leaders could not go beyond presenting themselves as a bunch of jokers by choosing to give him a lecture on promoting and protecting ‘Tibetan traditions’ and ‘religious rituals’. They have humiliatingly exposed their vulnerability vis-à-vis a group of 47 elected representatives of this refugee community by opposing Dalai Lama’s decision to abdicate his political powers to the elected Prime Minister and 46 members of Parliament…

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