Dharamshala joins Tibetan global protests

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DHARAMSHALA, November 2: On the eve of the G20 Summit, Dharamshala, the nerve centre of Tibetan freedom movement in exile joined the ongoing global campaign, making an urgent call to world leaders to exert multilateral pressure on Chinese President Hu Jintao to ease tensions in Tibet.

The five major Tibetan NGOs, under the banner Campaign for Global Intervention held a press conference earlier in the day and organised a street theater highlighting the self-immolation crisis and deteriorating human rights situation inside Tibet.

Calling for an international co-coordinated effort, Tenzin Dorjee, the Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) said that the world has the responsibility to condemn the Chinese government for its repressive policies in Tibet.

“Chinese repression and Tibetans’ desperation have taken ten Tibetan lives in the form of self-immolation in recent months, and we need the world to help end the repression in Tibet,” said Dorjee.

Tibetans and supporters in 60 cities around the world are organising rallies, protests and vigils demanding world leaders to intervene in Tibet to bring an end to China’s repressive policies in Tibet.

More than 21,000 people from all over the world, including Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Hollywood stars Richard Gere and Joanna Lumely, and musicians Radiohead have signed a petition supporting the campaign calling for coordinated global action to resolve the escalating crisis in Tibet.

“G 20 summit is not only a forum for economic business, but a forum to raise social and human rights issues,” said Tseyang Oshoe, General Secretary of Tibetan Women’s Association.

“But G 20 is not the only time to protest. As long as Chinese occupation exists, we will continue to organise protests and demonstrations,” added Oshoe.

The Tibetan NGOs have demanded the People’s Republic of China to: immediately remove security personnel from the Ngaba and Kardze regions of Tibet; to release all those detained in connection with the 10 self-immolations since March 16, 2011 and account for the whereabouts of all those who have self-immolated since February 2009; to allow foreign diplomats and independent foreign media unfettered access to all Tibetan areas; and to immediately suspend the implementation of religious and security policies in Ngaba.

Through their international campaigns, Tibetans and Tibetan supporters have also called on the G20 leaders and governments to: express their concern about the situation in Ngaba directly to Hu Jintao; jointly démarche China concerning the situation in Ngaba; to urgently establish, with other concerned governments, an appropriate and effective multi-lateral mechanism through which future diplomatic measures concerning Tibet can be agreed.

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