Exile women’s group targets women from Tibet

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BODH GAYA, January 3: Coinciding with the ongoing Kalachakra teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bodh Gaya, the Dharamshala based Tibetan Women Association is organising a series of public talks about reproductive health, child care, and sex education.

In keeping with their core campaign slogan of ‘Advocacy for homeland, and action in exile,’ the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA), the second largest Tibetan non-governmental organisation in exile, is targeting female pilgrims from Tibet.

“With Tibetans from inside Tibet as the key audience, we are organising a series of public talks catering to women from Tibet with special focus on sex education, reproductive health, parenting, and child care,” said Dhardon Sharling, Research and Media Officer, TWA and a member of the Tibetan parliament.

“We have invited Doctor Konchuk Dorjee from Delek Hospital to talk on women’s reproductive health and Doctor Lhadon to talk on parenting and child care,” said TWA in a press release yesterday.

The women’s group has invited Nurse Tsering Paldon, and Phuntsok Choemphel, CHOICE to talk on HIV and AIDS.

TWA is also distributing books and films that document the status of Tibetan women inside and outside Tibet.

The women’s group has launched a petition drive titled ‘Nomads for Planetary Third Pole’, urging the Chinese leadership to halt the forced eviction of nomads from the Tibetan plateau, thereby “ensuring environmental balance in Tibet’s fragile ecosystem”.

The petitions are addressed to the Environment ministry of the ten downstream nations from Tibet and to the Environment Ministry of People’s Republic of China.

“We are also organising a climate conference on Tibet titled, ‘Tibet the Third Pole and its impact on Asia’s future’ with an aim to discuss how in the age of climate change, Tibet’s environment is under threat thus posing greater threat to Asia and how this could be averted,” the Media Officer said.

The climate conference is scheduled for January 9 and will see prominent speakers including Michael Buckley, traveler, writer and filmmaker on Tibet and Vijay Kranti, Indian writer and journalist amongst others.

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