International Rangzen meet concludes in Europe

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A strategic meeting to reassert the “essential aims and goals of restoring independence of Tibet” concluded in Zurich July 24.

The two-day meeting organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the largest pro-independence group in exile was hosted by the Swiss based Tibetan Youth Association Europe(TYAE).

Prominent freedom fighters and former political prisoners including Phuntsok Nyidron, recipient of the 1995 Reebok Award for Human Rights were part of the conference.

TYC in a press release today said that the delegates shared their views on formulating a blueprint of plans and strategies for restoring Tibetan independence.

“Some of the highlights of this meeting were to rebrand Rangzen by creating a specific Rangzen symbol that can be used by every Rangzen advocates, including organisations”, said Tsewang Rigzin, TYC president.

Citing the slogan ‘Independence for Tibet’ as being the main demand of protestors inside Tibet, Tsewang added that “any individual, or organisation who has Rangzen as a goal should be more vocal about their opinions as Tibetans in Tibet especially political prisoners have no wish to live under Chinese administration”.

While declaring “total faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama and respect for the Tibetan government in exile”, the conference noted that people who make unfounded criticism of Rangzen advocates “should be confronted instantly by providing the clarity and insight and the value of propagating Rangzen”.

The delegates also discussed on garnering political will and support from host countries and governments for Tibet’s independence and urged introspection on the mistakes and achievements of past activities especially during the uprisings of 2008.

“Many people have lost their lives protecting our historical legacy of Rangzen and in order to maintain the future prospect of the next generation, we cannot and must not submit ourselves to live under the Chinese national flag”, Rigzin said.

As a build up to the “International Rangzen Conference” TYC said that it will be organising three more preliminary conferences in North America, East Asia and India.



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