New video of Tibet protests

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A new video of a group of Tibetan monks carrying out a peaceful protest in eastern Tibet has surfaced in exile.

The Central Tibetan Administration released the video shot in May 2010 yesterday along with information on the four monks involved.

The protests were carried out on May 8, 2010 in Nyagrong, Kham Province which has a huge population of Chinese immigrants. The four monks have been identified as Apo Tashi, 22, Tsering Gyaltsen, 19, Tsering Wangchuk, 22 of Guru Monastery, and Rigzin Dorjee of Jamjor Monastery who captured the protests on camera.

The three-minute clip shows the monks walking through the streets of Nyarong parading the banned Tibetan national flag while raising pro-independence slogans and throwing pamphlets in the air. The monks can be seen in the Tibetan traditional dress, Chuba, crossing the Nyagchu river bridge and running through the streets, letting out shrills of ‘Kyi hi hi’, a tradition Tibetan war cry, encouraging people to rise up in victory.

Shouts of “Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, “Tibet is independent”, “We demand the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, can be heard all through the clip.

The CTA report said that as soon as the security personnels came in to arrest the protesters, local residents blocked the police, helping three of the monks to escape on motorbike. The fourth monk, who was recording the video on camera, was arrested as his motorbike broke-down, the report confirmed.

The whereabouts of the four monks remain unknown since then.

Phuntsok Chomphel, a young NGO worker in Dharamshala told that it was deeply inspiring to see the brave actions of Tibetans in Tibet.

“The courage and determination those monks showed is exemplary. Even while knowing that they can be shot and killed any moment, the free and spirited manner in which they were protesting is deeply inspiring”, he said.

The natural resource rich region of Nyarong has witnessed repeated protests by Tibetans since the 2008 uprisings.



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