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Spokesperson of the Dharamshala based Central Tibetan Administration, Mr Thubten Samphel told today that China’s latest white paper on Tibet is ‘nothing but a white wash to cover up their disastrous mismanagement in Tibet’.

In the run-up to the celebrations of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the Chinese government yesterday released a white paper titled ‘Sixty Years Since Peaceful Liberation of Tibet’.

“The true white paper and the true judgement on China’s rule in Tibet has been repeatedly made by the Tibetan people who even after six decades of oppression, risk their lives calling for the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama”, Mr Samphel said.

The document, released by the State Council’s Information Office, claims that Tibet has undergone ‘profound political, social and economic changes’.

“Within six decades Tibet has achieved development that would normally call for a millennium. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government, the people of Tibet have created a miracle,” the document alleges.

Mr Samphel however discarded China’s claims of development as a ‘ritualistic exercise’ to mislead international opinion on their continued occupation of Tibet.

“Positive development should reflect in the lives of the Tibetan people. Our people in Tibet are not happy, they complain about China’s rule”, Mr Samphel said.

Similar concerns were voiced by Mr Lobsang Yeshi, an independent researcher and author of numerous papers including ‘Dragon’s Terrorist Designs’. Speaking to, Mr Yeshi said that developments in occupied Tibet are meant only to ‘facilitate China’s occupation and exploitation of Tibet than anything else’.

“The fact that the Chinese Government has published over nine white papers specifically on Tibet since 1991, reveals an underlying fear and apprehension over its illegal presence in Tibet. And the whole irony is that on the one hand the Chinese Government constantly flaunts and quotes the so-called 17 Point Agreement to legitimise its occupation of Tibet and on the other hand it claims that ‘Tibet has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times’”, Mr Yeshi said.

According to sources in exile, Tibet is currently reeling under heavy security surveillance and military lockdown in anticipation of the celebrations.

“Holidays have been cancelled for all the government staff and they have been sent to various monasteries and villages in whole of Tibet to closely monitor the situation in order to stem protests and demonstrations”, Ven. Ngawang Woebar, a former political prisoner told



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