Science essay competition for school students

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In a first of a kind attempt to “ignite the scientific minds” of Tibetan school students, a group of young scientific professionals has called for an open science essay competition in the exile community.

The Tibetan Scientific Society (TSS), a non-profit organisation of postgraduate and PhD level science students from all over India is accepting essays from Tibetan students in two broad categories – class XI and above and class X and below.

Aimed at encouraging Tibetans school students to take greater interest and curiosity in science as “an inescapable phenomena of life”, TSS has invited essays on two themes – “Think about any one condition in your locality that concerns you and write about how you think science and technology can contribute to its improvement” and “How will science change our world in fifty years”.

TSS has also announced handsome prize money and certificates for the winners.

As part of the group’s aim to ensure proper guidance for Tibetan students pursuing science, TSS had in 2010 invited the 1991 Noble Laureate for Chemistry, Prof. Richard R. Ernst to give a four-day workshop to Tibetan college students studying science in their bachelors and masters programmes.

The group says that in order to promote scientific culture in the society, TSS will continue to organise field projects such as workshops, seminars and lectures and try to bridge the gap between the Tibetan society and the mainstream scientific world by creating a network of Tibetan students, researchers, and professionals.



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