Tibetan parliament amends Charter for Dalai Lama’s devolution of power

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Dharamsala, May 30 – The 3 day special session of the 14th Tibetan Parliament in Exile that concluded Saturday (May 28) amended the Tibetan Charter paving way for the devolution of Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama’s administrative and political powers to a democratically elected Tibetan leadership.

The Tibetan General Meeting that was held from May 20 to May 24 appealed the Tibetan leader to be the “ceremonial head of state” which was rejected by the Tibetan leader who in March announced his wish to devolve all his powers to an elected leadership.

The Tibetan Parliament Sunday presented the amendments to the 1989 Nobel peace laureate.

The Tibetan Parliament gave its green signal to an amendment to the Preamble of the Charter, and Article 1 that concerns with the rights and responsibilities of the Tibetan leader.

Under the amended Article 1, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the “Protector and Symbol of Tibet and Tibetan People”.

According to the amended Preamble, His Holiness’ duties will be to provide advice and encouragement with respect to the protection and promotion of the physical, spiritual, ethical and cultural wellbeing of the Tibetan people, to remain engaged in the efforts to reach a satisfactory solution to the question of Tibet and to accomplish the cherished goals of the Tibetan people.

The powers vested with His Holiness the Dalai Lama as head of the executive under Article 19 have been delegated to the Kalon Tripa.

Accordingly, Kalon Tripa is empowered to approve and promulgate bills and regulations passed by the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile. Other powers and responsibilities have been divided between the legislative and the judiciary.

Another significant amendment to the charter is the annulment of Council of Regency as per Articles (31 – 35) and their provisions which earlier empowered the council to assume the Dalai Lama’s role in circumstances when the latter is not acting as head of the state.

The Parliament also approved the change in the name “Tsenjol Bhoe Zhung” to “Bod Mei Drik Tsuk” (lit. Institution/Organization of the Tibetan People)

The slogan “Bod Shung Gaden Phodrang Chogle Namgyal” of the official emblem was replaced by “Denpanyi Nampar Gyalgyur Chig”.

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