Tibetans arrested over clashes with Chinese slaughterhouse owners

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Local police officials in Minyak, Kardze region of eastern Tibet arrested ten Tibetans on Wednesday following a clash between Tibetan herders and a Chinese owned slaughterhouse.

The clash occurred after local Tibetan herders found out that their stolen yaks were being butchered at the slaughterhouse.

Many Tibetan herders in the region had been complaining about missing yaks and pointed fingers at the role of the slaughterhouse in the events.

“A Tibetan family found their lost yak’s head in the slaughterhouse on November 29, which led to a quarrel with the slaughterhouse owners,” a Tibetan in exile having contacts inside Tibet told Phayul.

Following the quarrel, when the gathered Tibetans demanded the slaughterhouse to be shut down, citing repeated thefts of their yaks, the slaughterhouse owners called the local police.

In the ensuing scuffle, the police reportedly beat the protesters indiscriminately and later arrested ten Tibetans.

Just minutes after the incident, armed Chinese soldiers were reportedly manning the streets in the region, imposing restrictions on the movement of the local Tibetans.

Such instances involving Chinese government’s back up of Chinese owned business in Tibet and discrimination of Tibetans are not uncommon.

Three months back, in September, Chinese mining officials opened fire on a group of Tibetan labourers, injuring four.

Friction over the mushrooming of slaughterhouses in Tibet has escalated in the last decade as Tibetan herders are being forced to sell their animals to the slaughterhouses against their wishes by local government officials.

Similar protests took place in 2005 in eastern Tibet when hundreds of Tibetan nomads ransacked and burned a Chinese-owned slaughterhouse in Kardze region.

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