TYC hits back at China over “terrorist” allegation

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The pro-independence Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) Thursday dismissed recent accusation by China calling it a “terrorist” organization, and said the allegations were “baseless” and full of “fabricated lies”.

Chinese Communist government’s mouth piece People’s Daily recently published an article in which the Tibetan youth organization was unexpectedly compared to the likes of the “Al-Qaida”, “Chechnyan armed terrorists” and “East Turkistan separatists”.

At a press conference held here today at its head office, the Tibetan youth organisation described the allegations made by the Communist China as being part of its routine propaganda drive to discredit Tibetan people’s peaceful freedom struggle.

“The government of China has consistently failed in its efforts to undermine the Tibetan people’s struggle to restore independence. Therefore the only alternative for them is to spread lies and make baseless allegations,” the organisation said in a press release here today.

“In 41 years since its inception the campaign activities of TYC has always remained non-violent and peaceful in nature,” the youth organisation said.

The article by People’s Daily’s Editor Ms Li Hongmei, was posted online in the wake of the Dalai Lama announcing his decision to formally pass on his political power to an elected Tibetan leadership in exile.

The allegations also came around the time when Tibetan exiles around the world went to polls to elect their new leaders who are set to head the exiled government later this year.

“Ms Li’s article is specifically targeted and timed with announcement of the Dalai Lama to relinquish his authority as the head of the state and as the Tibetans around the world went to elect their future prime minister and parliament members,” TYC said in its statement.

In the same article, Ms Li, who is said to have visited Dharamsala sometime in 2010, also went on to label Dr Lobsang Sangay, who is hailed by many as the most likely next Prime Minister of the Tibet’s Government in exile, as a “terrorist” for once serving as an executive member in Tibetan Youth Congress.

Responding to media questions, TYC’s Vice President Mr Dhondup Lhadhar said the latest allegations by Chinese government was a “preconceived design to undermine the democratic practice by Tibetan people”.

“Any intentions constructed with fabricated lies are doomed to fail,” Lhadhar said.

The Tibetan youth organisation said Ms Li’s “misleading” article stemmed from her “lack of understanding of democratic principles in the free world” and about Dharamsala, the seat of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile. It further said that the article was published with a deliberate intent to undermine the “legitimacy” of the Tibetan government-in-Exile.

Calling Li’s article an “illogical and unreliable review”, TYC said: “Her analysis merely reflects the Chinese Communist Party’s execution of power and authority devoid of democracy.”

“TYC has responded to similar allegations in the past made by faceless pseudo-reporters from China. Li Hongmei is personnel of the totalitarian regime of the PRC. She is a mouthpiece that will only repeat the rhetoric of the government. She cannot be regarded as an independent researcher of an independent journalist,” the organisation said.

“TYC’s structure, goals and the way it operates is based on genuine principles of democracy formulated by the will of the majority and not prescribed by the Dalai Lama or the government in exile. It is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) and Ms Li should know that there is a difference between the so-called NGOs in China and NGOs around the world.

“In the history of the Tibetan exile government three Kalon Tripas (Prime Ministers); Tenzin Namgyal Tethong, Sonam Topgyal and Prof Samdhong Rinpoche have not only held positions in the TYC Central Executive Office but some of them were also the founding members of the TYC,” the organisation said.

Founded in 1970, the Tibetan Youth Congress is one of the oldest and the largest non-governmental organisations of the Tibetan community in exile.

The organisation, which claims some 30,000 active members under its worldwide regional chapters, however, does not support the official Middle-Way Policy of the exile government that seeks “real and meaningful autonomy” instead of outright independence for Tibet.
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